Bike shopping / research confusion


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My fortune at not being able to ride due to a shoulder Op is leading to a miss fortune of over researching what bike to get. I am sorry for sounding ungrateful I truly am but some of the contradictions send you nuts.

So far I have gone from looking for a Second hand bike at around £500 to looking at the "bike of the year" Canondale CAAD 12 even though it an Aluminium. Then sucking back at the price to a CAAD 8 or 10 or similar from other Makes. Then looking......... You get the picture.

1 Make sure it fits so I went into a local bike shop and a national (Evans) who basically measured my inside leg and got me to stand over the bike an ensure there is space between my crotch and bar.

2. Forum people say the space between the saddle and bars is more important. (I am certain being able to stand is still fairly crucial and most bikes state your height as the deciding factor of chasing size.

3.Why do some bike manufacturers get you to measure your height and inside leg then in their size charts completely ignore inside leg and just go of height. (Cube)

3. Get a ride on the bike. My old commuter was fine for 5-6 miles any more and my back was in bits so Im thinking once round the car park will prove very little.

4. My favourite "Don't go to Halfords" yet most people agree Boardman bikes are great value and good bikes and there are some cracking deals.


Take my advice - don't listen to other people....

Good luck with finding the right bike
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