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I was riding yesterday. I had just come up Houghton hill (was knackered) when a white van full of chavvy dorks came past hurled verbal abuse and a bottle of coke at me which hit me on my arm as I went round the roundabout...I am used to this stuff origionally hailing from Essex, but Id still be interested in the psychology behind such attacks...I mean why???????????:biggrin::smile::smile:;) thinking took ne as far as CHAV which said it all.


That's crap, hopefully you got the reg of the vehicle and the police are kicking their door down as I type. Hopefully.


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Yep. A quick call to your local Police non-emergency number, which you have stored on your phone and the vehicle reg will be logged. Next time it gets seen by a Police car with ANPR it will get stopped and three reports will earn them a home visit and a Producer notice.


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Glad you're ok BOAB! Tossers. Sometimes I don't think they either realise or care the potential seriousness of their actions.

A couple of years ago I had a bloke try and stick a broom handle/stick into my front wheel. Luckily I'd figured out the intention and managed to get out of the way. It could have been really nasty and it upset me for quite a while as to why someone would want to cause me serious harm. :biggrin: :biggrin:


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Yesterday some daft woman was making her way through a chicane of parked cars coming towards my son and me on the way to school - so we stopped behind one of the parked cars since she was obviously coming through. However she needed to move onto our side of the road to get around the next parked car and drove straight at me... luckily stopping just beside me ... where I was able to bang on her window and yell "Get off your F***ing phone".

For my troubles I got called a number of things including a witch!

I hope you are OK - a bottle of coke must be quite a weight to hit someone with from a car. I just wish they had crashed (not hurting themselves but just getting some comeuppence) whilst looking back at you.

Some people really have a lower form of intelligence - and ought not to be allowed behind the wheel. I'm hoping I'm not regularly going to meet her on route to school.
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