carrera crossfire 2 as my first bike


Hello Nice people !!
Please share your inputs, i plan to buy the carrera crossfire 2 mens hybrid bike as my first bike .. i have not done any cycling at all in past 20 years.. just plan to use this bike for a occasional ride in the park
My budget is low 500 GBP with accessories and this bike fits in my budget.
Do you think its a good starter bike or any bike in similar category that I can consider.
Appreciate any help in advance.
Thank You


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Surprised that you've not gotten a response yet. Can't say that I'll offer much. Whatever bike you're interested in be sure it fits first. Was my mistake when I bought a hybrid last year. It was two sizes too big. I still rode it for three months. Then I got a road bike. Still should have looked for one size smaller. But it's been a good bike. Bottom line if you get a bike that fits (research bike fit) and it meets your needs then good for you chap.
Hi. Front suspension is only needed for rough ground. For rides on paved surfaces (and most towpaths, smooth tracks etc), you don't need it, it can actually spoil the ride by being too bouncy, and you can get a better bike for the same money because the manufacturer can put the budget to better use.

So from Halfords you could look at these


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Yes they're perfectly fine bikes, nothing wrong with Carrera bikes at all. My daughter had one and I was quite impressed with it, decent Shimano kit on it, nice finish, if anything the welds are a bit agricultural but that's nothing to lose sleep over.
If you want to consider others you can also get the Giant Escape 3 within that budget.

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Similar questions have been asked a few times here so you may find more info using the search function.

My input:

Halfords has a mixed reputation for the quality of bicycle build. You may need to get a decent bike shop to check over a bike from them.

A quick search says that the bike has a suspension fork. On a cheap bike, and for the use you describe this is just unnecessary weight to carry round.

I'd suggest looking for a local bike project or shop that will sell you a professionally refurbished second hand bike, and help you get one that fits; then you will have a much better chance of enjoying cycling.

Good luck!


Bought a crossfire 1 last summer and it's a great bike to get back into cycling with... Great for towpaths, park, UK back roads and the suspension does play its part.. Factor in some of your budget for some schwalbe land cruiser plus tyres and you have a rock solid workhorse that can handle different terrains..


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Not a bad bike but I think you can do better for the money. You don’t need the suspension forks, it just adds cost and weight for the sort of riding you’ll be doing.
I'd second @CanucksTraveller suggestion of the Giant:


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Hi. Front suspension is only needed for rough ground.
My route in is pretty rough but I could do without the suspension forks on my Apollo.

As it is, I have them damped down to the maximum to get rid of some of the bounce (very annoying when grunting up steep hills).


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No experience of Carrera bikes but I have a Giant road bike and oh has a Cannondale hybrid - both excellent bikes and I'd happily buy these brands again. As said though, getting the right size is crucial so you need to try a few first really. Unfortunately there's still a shortage and few deals around atm.
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