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I need to fit a new front mech on my Trek 7.5 so need to split the chain.
I don't have much success in splitting the snap links so I normally push out a couple of rivets and then push them back in the other way. This has been OK for my older bikes with wider chains but is it OK for narrower chains?
Is there a knack to undoing the snap links? Are any better or easier than others to undo ?



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I wouldn't push a rivet out on a narrow chain.

You tube has plenty of instructional videos on the correct technique for undoing quick links.You should also have a screw on the bottom of the mech, if you remove that you can push the plates apart just enough to slip the chain through. That's how I do it.


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Side-to-side twisting motion is usually recommended.
Must admit to having difficulty with some of them though, so I bought the KMC tool (kind of hooked pliers) that will squeeze recalcitrant links together.
If you have one that's been awkward in the past, clean it thoroughly, then a very, very gentle "polishing" of the inside of the slot with a folded piece of emery cloth. Not enough to make the slot wider, just enough to round off any sharp edges. It will slip on and off as easy as anything thereafter, but I think the recommendation is only 3 times re-use.
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