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Hi, looking to get a child trailer after xmas, he will be around 9 months old then. Has anyone got ideas on which one will be best, be a bonus if you could then use it as a buggy once at destination. I have plenty of experiance with trailer on bike since part of my job role is response cleaner on bike for city centre (cool or what :blush:, kona from what i can make out). Thanks in advance!

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I have the Adventure 2 from Amazon. HERE Cost £173 (The price has gone down as I paid over £200 for it last year.



It's a cracking trailer and my little boy loves it. Very stable and smooth ride.
The seatbelts/straps are very good and has a lot of 'boot' space.
It folds down to fit in the car and can be converted into a pushchair.

For the price, it's a great trailer.
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