Chris Shingler introduction


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Welcome aboard Chris, by now you’re aware that there’s no going back you’re doomed, I’m sure we would all like to see some images of your bikes


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From one Chris to another (although I'm a few years away from retiring), welcome to the forum. I'm pretty new here myself. Have you got any image of the bike have restored?


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Hello Chris ,welcome , I have a couple of old frames , one of which I believe is a Fothergill, i had it for a year until there was a near as dam it ID , whether or not it is still has me pondering, it has got very unusual lug work and the frame number is 96 A which from that it was deemed it was very possible to be a Fothergill, I will show some photos when I get time , maybe your resources could help determine its origin ,
Enjoy the Forum , there are plenty of Vintage frame nuts here !
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