commuter/touring recumbent wanted


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Hi Everyone,

I'n new here. I've cycled all of my life, I'm young (mid-30s), but I've developed a few chronic health issues that make exercising upright very challenging. I'd love to try a recumbent. It might even be the ticket out of my iron-cage of a body to freedom!

I'm in Scotland. My cycle to work scheme, is dare I say, being quite ableist by preventing me from sourcing a recumbent. So I'm hoping to pickup a reliable used model that can be my workhorse – I would love a Bacchetta Giro A26, Optima Condor or a Nazca – but I'm a librarian, and maybe I need to not get carried away.

I'd also love some advice from the community. I'll mainly be commuting in Glasgow, but who know maybe I'll cycle to Russia on it.

Thank you.


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Have you had a look around Kinetics bikes in Glasgow? Ben deals in several brands and is very knowledgeable. He has some demo models too.
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