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After a couple of close calls, I've decided to get a helmet camera. No, I know not every ride is going to be an all-action thriller but when you have a van speeding straight at you on a one-car-width bridge and you have to pretty much dive out the way it changes your thinking.

I think the Contour GPS will do me but I'm wondering if all that's in the box will allow me to mount it to my vented helmet. Do I need any extra kit or is what's in the box good enough? Can anyone else offer any advice on the product?


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From what I remember it doesn't come with the strap mount. It'll come with the alternative system where you glue it on the side of the helmet. You buy the helmet strap mount from contour (or elsewhere). Mine works fine.
I have the early Contour HD1080P camera and I had to purchase the helment mount separately. This is the photo of what came in the box for me.


If you are interested in cameras for cycling there is an excellent discussion thread with a good summary posted as the opening thread at the Australian Cycling Forums.

BTW I still use my Contour HD1080P as a rear facing camera but now use a Jumbo 1080P #11 as helmet camera.



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