Converting Ultegra 6800 to 1x


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I have a 2016 Cannondale Caadx with Ultegra 6800 2x11 groupset. The cassette and chainrings (original parts) are now heavily worn and the complete drivetrain basically needs replacing.

I'm thinking of taking the opportunity to convert the bike to 1x. Just wondering how I'd go about this - is it simply a case of fitting a narrow/wide chainring with a standard 11sp chain etc. Or is there anything else that needs to be considered?

I'd seen some mention of offset and chain alignment but it's not really something I've got my head around.

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Presumably you'd want to position the single chainring at the centerline between the two existing ones to get the best compromise on chainline. All things being equal I guess the important number is the Q-factor of the cranksets and associated BB width.

I believe chains are all interchangeable regardless of chainring format, but I'm not a 1x afficianado.

Personally I'd question the choice of 1x on anything other than an MTB on account of its lower efficiency and much wider jumps between sprockets, but of course it's your choice not mine :smile:


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We've done this with my son's hillclimb bike. Basically it's got the narrow-wide chainring plus a chain guide just in case.

The inner chainring position was used rather than the outer one to give a cleaner chainline. You'll need single chainring bolts or to add washers to the chainrings.


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11-speed chains are all interchangeable, even Campagnolo with Shimano/SRAM.

Like @wafter I'd have to ask why you'd bother. Assuming you've got the longer-cage 6800 RD, you can officially run a 32t cassette, in practice you can go to a bigger cassette with a bit of fettling and/or something like a Lindarets RoadLink. A few people I know have run 11-40 with a RoadLink. If you want anything like the same range on a 1x setup you'd need an MTB rear derailleur and a monster cassette. And £££££.
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