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Hah !
I like the idea of taking away one car parking space for that car shaped cycle-shed


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The bloke reminded me of someone, couldn't put my finger on it, then I realised - it's Dutch Robert Downey Jr. I like the flashing lights on the road, lots of good ideas, in fact...


Cycling in the sun
I know they have put in induction loops on some of the cycle paths around Bristol to count movements ... but they don't display them unfortunately. In my commute last week I think I was going over 3 of them each day by the time I needed to do a circular route around the city.


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Looks like a very good infrastructure they have there, but more importantly, it looks like they have the right attitudes towards bikes. Bikes appear to often be given priority over motor vehicles. Can you imagine whole lanes being removed, and cars being forced to wait for a convoy of bikes to pass here? Its tough enough to get cars etc to keep out of the ASL and to stop parking in our 1m wide cycle "lanes" :biggrin:
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