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Hi I am looking for a cycling club near to me I am from glastonbury, I know there is one in bridgwater but I was wodering if there is 1 closer to me I am not into racing just going out for lesiure rides.
If there is not a club close I thought I may start my own, any tips



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If it's leisure rides you're after then see if you have a local CTC branch.


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Try Googling for local (to you) clubs. Bridgewater isn't so far, if you cannot find a nearer club, You could also try a shop in Highbridge called Skidmarx, sorry don't have the number to hand, but the guy who owns and runs the place is a cyclist, he may have a list of local clubs. When you do find one, join it, it will be the best thing you ever did, after getting a bike that is!


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User76 said:
Tor2000 is a Glastonbury based club, they are racers, the Bridgwater guys meet at the Morrisons/Taunton Road x-roads on sunday mornings about 9, I have been out with them a few times, they are very much a "touring" club, much more pleasent.

I will tell you a story about Skidmarx, the guy who owns it is a tri-athlete I believe, anyway I went in for a browse about a 18 months ago, then again about a year ago, he asked me what I was doing, and if I wanted to know his prices I should get someone else to do my dirty work and he was fed up with other bike shop owners spying on them!!!!!! Never been back in. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe I look like someone?!?!?!?

Aha, I only know the place from spending time in the area, cos the mother in law has a holiday home at Brean. I went in the shop one time as I was bored, he had just opened and was a Bianchi dealership then plus Orbea, he had one of Marco Pantani's (Il Pirata) bikes on display, lent by Bianchi as a sort of promotional thing.

I was told that the guy was a part time fireman (retained) any way he was pretty pushy trying to get me to buy a bike ( I was on holiday FFS!) said he'd get the distributor to deliver to my home, if I paid him there and then!

I left his shop, slightly perturbed by him. Later I fell into conversation with some one, I related my story, this other chap said he knew the guy and, related a similar story about his (the shp owner's) state of mind regarding other bike shops owners snooping on him! Maybe he'd been overdosing on creatine?!

Takes all sorts s'pose;) I just thought the shop may have some posters up from local clubs.
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