Defy 2 Value


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West Wales
I have a defy 2 (compact) bought in 2010 in very good condition has been service and has had tyres replaced.
I was just wondering on its value as I am start get an upgrade itch (even though it is a very nice bike).
Thinking of selling it and maybe adding 300-400 and getting some thing of a higher spec.
I think the defy 2 has come down in price a lot but they have also dropped the spec now a days


Out of interest what size is it? And how tall are you?
You wouldn't get half what it cost originally, so it may be better to use the 3-400 quid to upgrade parts of it instead.
Wheels (the cxp22's aren't the lightest in the world) would be my first upgrade, or alternatively changing to a 10 speed groupset. You won't manage both with that budget unfortunately.
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