Disability recumbent trike stolen!

jack smith

Horriffic story on facebook today, REALLY upset me due to the circumstances and having had a disabled brother with the same disability and having my bike nicked i cant imagine how upset she must be, ive also asked her parents if i can set up a donations page to help her get a new one and i think a few on here specialise on selling that sort of thing so im sure as a community we could help out!!! I actually run a small charity but we have just today payed out £1000 for a young boy to get a breathing machine so i dont think we could help buying her a whole new trike unfortunatley.
That is awful, just plain awful. @Scoosh has told me that the recumbent community keep an eye out for stolen recumbent, so perhaps posting this on the recumbent forums @Scoosh as well, if it has not already been?

Having just had to buy a recumbent trike myself, I know how expensive they are. Can you post a link to the donations page (is she agrees) on here please? I for one am not on FB, so will not be able to following the page unless it is an open link.


Mod note:
This is a deliberate Copy of a thread in Stolen Bikes, as the Recumbent community know what they see and have contacts all over the place.

Go for it, folks !
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