Download from muvi?

Ok guys im a bit of a techo phobe so be gentle.

I can connect my muvi to laptop and watch my video clips no problem.

But I want to edit them etc and have tried to download them to windows movie maker. But I keep getting a message 'Import video could not find a compatible device'

Any ideas


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You could try to drag and drop the file from the Micro SD card, rather than the camera direct to your desktop and import it from there.


Your USB connection may not be fast enough. Plug in the camera, use Windows Explorer, to find the files on the cameras memory card, then cut (ctrl-X) and paste (ctrl-V) them onto your hard disk. You'll need to clear them from your memory card anyway, to create the space for your next ride.

If you are using Windows XP, I wouldn't keep anything on your desktop. It hogs memory space there, and loads / slows the computer whenever it is running.
Mark_Robson said:
You could try to drag and drop the file from the Micro SD card, rather than the camera direct to your desktop and import it from there.
Thats one I had thought of, but not able to plug the micro sd into pc without the larger sleeve thing (whatever its called).

Im currently downloading direct from cam to desktop but its taking ages.
Mark_Robson said:
I have loads of the adaptors AF, if you want one. I also have a few sd readers if you need one let me know.

Thanks Mark. I am trying Norms suggestion at the moment, which seems to be working. I just need to get it from desktop to movie maker next.

Im ultimately trying to edit a clip of an extremely close pass by a bus on Tuesday morning, it will be getting e-mailed to the company.
Norm said:
Excellent. But, really, if you are using XP, don't put anything on the desktop. :blush:
Well its going to desktop first, then hopefully to movie maker and i'll delete from desktop. Cheers
Mark_Robson said:
NP AF, let's hope that the company takes the issue seriously.
Well its not something I would normally do, but it was a tad close and the road was certainly wide enough for him to have passed me safely.

Mrs Af watched it and then wished I had not shown her!
Well it looks like I may have totally cocked it up:blush:

Download to desktop no probs.

Transferred to movie maker no probs.

Deleted file from desktop and cleared sd card.

Went back to movie maker and cant find clip:sad:

Should the orginal have been kept in a file somewhere?


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I might be wrong but I think that you went wrong when you deleted the file from the desktop. Did you save it as a new file in movie maker? If the file was less than 4gb it should be in the recycle bin. If it isn't don't turn off your pc and google free file recovery software and allow it to sweep your machine. You may get it back if it hasn't been written over.

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