Ebay: Small to Medium Bike Friday Tikit 8 Speed Folder


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Ok, this is pricey and was made with some pricey options, it has never been used, in actual fact I have only done the final assembly this afternoon for the pictures. I should point out that Tikits come with a name plate and this one has Jane on it.

Cost was £2834.08 which included a hefty import charge but I'll take a big hit and I'm looking for £2300 posted or £2250 collected

Pictures - https://www.flickr.com/photos/37729119@N08/

Size - I reckon it would accommodate 5'3" up to 5'9", one of the pictures shows it in front of my Tikit set up for me at 6'1" and this one is set with a fairly low saddle for a 5'6" person

Extras - the Candy Apple red metallic paint added a bit as did the mudguards and front and rear racks. You can carry small panniers on the rear but full size on the front. If you carry just one pannier on the front driveside then it can remain in place when folded. It also has the coverall which is the black pouch seen on the top tube. This goes over bike when folded and, as there is a front rack in place, the bike can still be rolled with it on.

Frame and Forks are BF standard
Headset is Chris King in black
Chainset was pricey to get that shiny red
Pedals are standard folding ones
Kickstand BF standard
Rear wheel made up by SJSC cycles with Alfine 8 speed hub gear, combo is 53x17 which gives a range of 27 to 83 gear inches.
Seatpost is a Thomson Elite setback in black
Bars are On One Mary bars
Stem is a highrise one the name escapes me, probably BBB I will check
Tektro V-brakes as fitted by BF but rear can also take a disc brake, standard levers and cables per BF as well
Dropouts are adjustable and provide chain tension
Bottle cage and bottle as per BF
Saddle is a womens specific but only cost me £10 you can take or leave this, it's not a gender specific bike
Paid the extra for the Hyperfold here's a demo, I'm not that quick but not far off it and nothing alters through the fold/unfold so no resetting of parts each time:-

View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQscBxx7wLE

Ergo GP style grips
Marathon 35mm tyres

It doesn't fold as small as a Brompton but it's quicker, there are no adjustments and, IMO, it rides better. Plus it takes all standard parts so should be easier to maintain as well as rear wheel removal being straight forward.

Can be collected from Farnborough, Hants, questions, negotiations, all welcome....cheers.....Al


Lover of things that come in 3's
Sorry Paul I posted the Garmin on YACF and it sold before I could post it on here
Good luck MacB. Been admiring it from afar - been a long time tikit fan, so watching this thread. But I have a serviceable mezzo, so can't justified the purchase.

If you don't mind the purely disinterested curiosity: how did such a fine and finely specified bike - with a mate - end up unwanted without being ridden?
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