Everyones in a rush to get home........


As long as I breathe, I attack.
Is there something on tv :cry:

In the space of 2 miles had 4 close shaves.

2 at pinch points with bollards in the middle of the road where drivers tried to squeeze past even though i was in primary.

1 at a mini roundabout where i was turning right and a car just went straight across.

And finally a "yoof" with head phones on walked straight into the road in front of me.

Wish my muvi clones were working or i would have had some nice footage of people jumping when i AirZound ed them :laugh::rain:


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That explains why Mr Summerdays has announced he's on his way home too:idea: .... I hadn't made the connection (that and the fact its about to rain!:laugh:).


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You beat me to it cyber...i was going to post something along the lines of 'bad commute today ?'
Mine wasnt that bad, i just noticed a few more close passes, faster traffic...people just want to get home i guess.
Its the same at school run time or Friday afternoons...they're always worse times to ride.


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I've had a similar experience, roads packed with aggressive young men in a hurry. Overtaken very close and at high speed by a ghastly little chav on a traffic calmed road where I've never had any problems before. Bloody stupid game as it is without risking lives to watch it!
No major problems today, my England flag fluttering away on my pannier rack did it's job maybe?

And I was in a hurry too. Don't know why, we're crap and it's boring so I'm posting on here instead and waiting for half-time so I can do something worthwhile


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Aye poor ride. I've already posted in Gaz's wet weather thread about my commute reducing me to tears when I got home. The sooner DNALGNE (as you see hanging from people's windows) are knocked out the safer the roads will be. :ohmy:


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By the time I left work the roads were almost clear.

Not bloody worth hurrying for though, was it?
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