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My daughter has bought an indoor! recumbent trainer. I hope this might lead her to the road.

But the Question is how to set up the leg length?
ON a 'road' bike the heel on the pedal is a rough guide, is that the same for recumbent?

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Yes, that still works as a rough guide but with pedal at 3 o’clock not 6 o’clock.


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Yes. Similar to a regular cycle. One thing I found was a need to shorten the boom slightly. It’s preferable to spin, than ‘crush grapes’ with the leg action.

I don’t know wether there will be any fore/aft movement in the seat on the trainer, but a consideration for this should be given also.

Find a ‘base point’ spend several minutes in that position, and adjust as necessary. It shouldn’t take long to find the sweet spot.
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