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I just joined to share a few things about a Dawes bicycle I picked up and to learn more about cycling from fellows in a different culture. I'm in northern Nevada -- think "Bonanza" not Las Vegas. Vegas is about as far away from here as London is from Edinburgh. Even so, a lot of my touring has been and will be in California. Besides living near the border, there is more to see there though Nevada shouldn't be discounted. Regarded as a "fly-over" state, it's not all desert. In fact, it's one of the most mountainous states in the union. There is therefore an abundance of routes for mountain biking and dirt roads for gravel biking, but I only have road bikes. I do have a 4x4 and a dirt motorcycle. So I'll post more about the Dawes in the projects section.


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Belatedly, welcome! You must be near the Utah border? It’s stunning up there.
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