[FS] Specialized Romin Expert Saddle - 143mm

A reluctant sale as I've got along great with it since getting it last year, but I don't know what's happened, (to me), but I'm just not feeling the love anymore.

I've lost a chunk of weight since new year, and I've got new bibs now as well, but I doubt that can be it.

Anyhoo, here it is. Looking at completed listings on fleabay they're going for around £50 including P&P, so I'd like £40 including delivery so I can fund a replacement.

It's in great condition with just a small scuff on one rear corner.

Let the saddle search re-commence :sad:

20140504_135206.jpg 20140504_135219.jpg 20140504_135315.jpg 20140504_135329.jpg 20140504_135438.jpg
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FYI this is also now on FLEABAY :sad:
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