garden steps?

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ever since our condo committee decided to publicize an unofficial trail thru the woods behind our unit, we had an increase in foot traffic, not to mention a loss of privacy. this little hillside has taken a beating & turned into a mudslide

been trying to mitigate the erosion but I'm losing

I can put in a maintenance request but not sure if they would actually do anything. & if they did they would only make it more inviting. instead I thought I would make another attempt at keeping it casual. I staked in some 2"x2" pressure treated sticks. they are helping me get up & down the hill when I tend the garden, but they haven't actually stopped the erosion

was thinking of cutting into the hill to make the steps more like steps, for the toes of ppl's shoes, instead of the toes striking the hill between the sticks. also planting grass strategically

would love some opinions. should I just let the condo ppl deal with it? should I leave as-is? should I replace the sticks w/ granite steps & fill the in between w/ gravel? should I take out the sticks & just plant grass? or lay down fresh sod? I don't want to get in trouble w/ the "condo police"

garden steps 1-19-23.jpg

garden 1-19-23.jpg


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What we did in out garden in our previous house was to put boards about 4" wide, placed vertically where you have sticks.

Then filled in behind each board with earth, and sowed that with tough grass that could take walking on.

But ours wasn't shaded the way yours looks to be.
worked the area w/ lawn soil, added seed, used a hand trowel & my feet to maintain a bit of a step. it's no longer a mudslide & isn't as much of an eye sore. the next bldg down from us has foot traffic from only 1 household & we can see they have just raw plain dirt, which I know can't be gun in wet or snowy conditions. watching ppl & ppl w/ pets w/ my security camera has been entertaining. some use the steps as designed, others walk around them. I guess I don't care so long as it doesn't look too bad
garden steps.jpg
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I'll have to come back w/ pics. a winter has rough & the dog walkers are out of control

tried creating a different exit from the woods, where the slope isn't as steep, but a neighbor who likes to let their 4 yr old run loose & has taken to this area, thwarted the new exit. need to talk to those parents. they put some big branches to block the new exit

the dog walkers have no concept of how to descend a hill, like sideways. one woman always struggles w/ her toes pointed downhill :wacko:

built a stone wall keeping her & her husband off the hillside to the right. why should I let them ruin the entire hill?

but w/ recent developments maybe I should reposition the added stone wall so that she gets what she wants, a diagonal trail down the slope. just need a way to prevent eroding the hill further so I can plant new grass this spring

don't know when I'll do it tho. it was great being home w/ covid during the holidays. had lots of time to mess w/ the rocks


Havre you considered in engaging the services of your local conservation volunteers; if there is one - ? :whistle:They can also advise on any legal implications that may apply, as with what some folk are like, they'll try and sue if they trip over a misplaced blade of grass, even if their bairns / dogs have been running riot in the area. :dry:
Havre you considered in engaging the services of your local conservation volunteers; if there is one - ? :whistle:They can also advise on any legal implications that may apply, as with what some folk are like, they'll try and sue if they trip over a misplaced blade of grass, even if their bairns / dogs have been running riot in the area. :dry:

thank you! yes!

in an ideal world this is my own private property, which it is not
I live in a condo complex where the association, board & property manager takes care of all landscaping, but they don't
in an ideal world, the association, board & property manager listens to homeowners & helps resolves problems, but they don't
my property value is higher due to the nature trail & border w/ conservation land
but my property value is lower due to the neglect of the association, board & property manager
the conservation land is managed by the town
I can't contact the town (to move the trail exit) on behalf of the association, board & property manager because I have no authority
we used to have a landscape committee that worked with the association, board & property manager, but not anymore
I would love to contact the association, board, property manager & town to move the exit of the trail further to the right, away from my patio, where the slope is not as steep, however they will all likely attack me, in any way they can, so I prefer to stay under the radar

I'm tempted to give up & do nothing & just watch the ppl slip & fall & get hurt. I can remove the little steps I attempted to put in & maintain & remove the added stone wall I built which protects the slope just to the right of the steps, so all responsibility is on everyone else. I just have to live w/ the eyesore & reduced property value & watch ppl on my security camera slip, fall & get hurt
In this now litigious world, don't bet on it - ! :dry:

I know, good point! I need to be careful what I do, even if I'm trying to help. I'm better off doing nothing. sad
did a little work on the slope. I know it's temporary. removed my makeshift steps & my liability. returned it to a natural slope. if they want to ruin it, it's on them. when it turns to a mudslide again, it's on them, not me. ideally we create a new exit 15-20 feet to the right & all this gets closed off so I can repair it permanently. one can dream, right?

before I started
2-10-24 before.jpg

did some raking. removed the steps & repaired the muddy slope w/ fresh soil. moved the stone wall 2 feet to the left. this way the dog walkers who exit are free to go to the right & walk down at an easier angle. I'd love to create a diagonal trail, but it's not my responsibility & that would be a lot of impact from just me & open me up to the condo police again. since the photo, I moved the large quartz rock, cuz it looked out of place
after 2-10-24.jpg

it's all pretty soft right now so I fully expect lots of traffic damage very soon, sad.
top down after 2-10-24.jpg

this guy & his kid & dog are a constant annoyance. I talked to him about opening another exit due to erosion & he agreed to help. you'd think he would stay away, he has an opening to use 1,000 feet to the right, right outside his unit
neighbor and dog.jpg

neighbor and kid.jpg
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