Geoffrey Wheatcroft's Le Tour

Anyone else read this? I'm half way through and the words 'pompous w*nk' are elbowing their way to the front of my brain. Sketchy on the detail (frankly I learnt more from Matt Rendell's Blazing Saddles) absurdly over-written and if I come across one more untranslated French quote I'll not be held accountable.:biggrin:
Oh and if the self-satisfied tit drops just one more obscure reference to a French film/book/musical that I've never read, I shall scream.:biggrin:

I feel better for having got that off my chest.:biggrin:
odd.. i was looking at that yesterday as i had a Smiths voucher to spend. ended up with a book about the franco-british war of the 18/19th century. as you do.


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Give that one a wide berth then, found it annoying in One More Kilo....... when he did not produce a translation for a French quote.
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