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Hi All,

I,m glad to say that I am now the proud owner of a Cannondale Synapse 105 Flat bar which I won on Ebay. Picked it up last weekend and ordered the Shimano M647 DX pedals along with the multi use MTB shoes.

All arrived this morning along with a brand new set of extra long allen keys incl. 8mm.

I,ve taken off one of the pedals, its a M540. The others not coming off, tried WD40, hollow pipe, spanners.

These type only come off with an allen key.

Tried hot water, no luck.

Then I noticed that there were 3 small cracks in the allen hole, the key cant get a secure grip and keeps slipping out as with the cracks the allen hole seems a little larger.

Also I dont think it will budge like this.

Any options?

Does anyone recommend a LBS to the ealing/hoounslow area that they can recommend for this type of job?

Also any ideas on how much a crankset would set me back if I cant get the pedal off?




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Don't know if this is too far out of your way or if there are good ones nearer but this place is excellent and they know their stuff.

Welcome BTW :blush:


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West London
Is the left pedal stuck? If so it is important to note that the left one has threads that turn opposite to the right one or all typical screws/bolts etc. It is clockwise to loosen, anticlockwise to tighten.

Is it possible to jam small bits of metal into the hole (in the spindle I believe?) to give the allen key a better fit and stop slipping?

Another possibility is to take the pedal apart to expose the spindle which looks like this. If it is the left one then turning the nut clockwise might do it. But I am afraid I am just guessing.
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