Hi from Newcastle


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Not my first post but wanted to say hi. Been browsing for a while and found some excellent info :smile:
Got a cube ltd 2010 and use it mostly for work in all weathers :smile: 15 mile commute.
Like to get out on a weekend if the kids allow me too lol anyway thanks in advance for all help I'm probably going to ask for :smile:


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North Somerset

Pat "5mph"

A kilogrammicaly challenged woman
:welcome: from Glasgow.


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Once again thanks, I'm loving this site, full of friendly info.... Oh and hello to Glasgow. I love that place. Lived in Blantyre for a while a few year back. Happy memories

david evans

Hi all

Just joined the site

Used to cycle lots done the great north ride 4 times in a row (the one from the team valley)
Done the c2c as well

Then one day I thought not to day will do it tomorrow well you can guess what happen
8 years go by

Found out about 1month a go I have blood clots in both lungs and have to take worfrin now
The DR has advised me to start exercising but not to push it to much

Well I think cycling is ideal as you can stop pedalling and still get some where

Was thinking about doing the great north ride next year but looks like the one at the team valley has gone
Found one that goes from sea houses to Tynemouth 50 ish miles think this might be to much for me
Dose any one know of any others locally that I could do
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