how the hell did they manage this

Last weekend a friend asked me if he needed new disc brake pads as the brakes were not as good as they had been, he sent me a photo, which i have since deleted, wish i hadnt, anyhow plenty of life left in them i said , they will be fine with adjustment, i wasnt feeling very well so he took the bike to a charity place in wigan and asked them to adjust them,
fast forward to one hour ago when he turned up at my house and said the brakes dont work and they sound awfull, front or back i said , he replied "both"
i honestly could not believe what i saw, i first noticed that the little tabs that stick out at the top had been bent backwards, they was touching the top of the calliper,
see the photos to see what they looked like when i removed the feck did they manage to do that....i couldnt manage that if i tried. needless to say new pads ordered .





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Has he been riding in in typical North West grit - I can eat a set of pads in an afternoon on a wet day with Peak grit ?

Looks like he ran out of pad material, then the backing plates snapped - caught on the disc ? Or the shop had left them like that ?

You'd always have a retaining pin through those holes anyway.


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they had plenty meat left on them at the weekend and only done an hour and half ride , some road, some canal bank, tektro novella brakes with no pin on the pads just held in magnetically, just one set would have me baffled but both front and rear and only one side on each pair , it beats me:wacko:



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according to him they said same as me , you dont need new pads they just need adjusting and set about "adjusting " them free of charge

honestly all that was needed was a couple of turns of the barrel adjuster and make sure pads was still central
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