I know nothing about bikes:(


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Okay I really need to do some sort of bike matience course, but their are none in my area. where do you learn simple things like un hooking a chain, happened to me in totnes today, yes shameful to admit i played the blonde damsal in distress and the funny thing was about 5 guys didnt have a clue and this girl came accross and did it in 5 seconds flat (hope ypou dont think im being sexist by this comment :ohmy: anyway how i dont even know how to fix a puncture, change a tyre. luckily it hasnt happened yet but im sure it will as am out cycling loads. I am a stero typical girl im afraid clueless over anything mechanical:sad:


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There are a few good tutorial websites around which cover many of these topics. One of the best including tutorials is bicycletutor, although there are also other good ones on places like youtube.

Also don't worry about asking questions on here. There's usually someone who can help you out :ohmy:

With the fixing a puncture bit. Try to practise at home first, where it's nice and warm/dry and theirs no time pressure.
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