It's the inconsistency that annoys me.

I broke the windscreen in my car the other day. For various reasons, I can't replace it until I've also welded a new windscreen surround panel in, so I've taken the old screen out and am driving around with no windscreen while wearing a pair of goggles. Which is tremendous fun, especially with no doors or roof either.:biggrin: The main problem was finding somewhere to put the tax disc (yes, I know); you can see it stuck to the rear side window with parcel tape.


My other half, however, does not like it at all and keeps telling me I should use my bike instead, which is fair enough apart from the fact that I never wear eye protection on the bike (I find it steams up) so am probably more vulnerable to eye damage than I am in my windscreenless car.:biggrin:


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Rhythm Thief said:
My other half.. ...keeps telling me I should use my bike instead...

Whatever her reasoning, I can't help but agree with her solution! :biggrin:
Ben Lovejoy said:
How many metres can you drive without getting pulled by the police?

So far, all over Herefordshire. My (admittedly limited) research into this seem to indicate that there's actually nothing at all illegal about driving a car with no front doors or windscreen. None of the rust is structural, all the tyres are good and mechanically it's spot on. Although if I do get pulled by a copper who likes doing paperwork, I'm sure they could find a reason to book me.
I'm thinking about doing the same to the Iveco Stralis I drive at work.;)


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Rhythm Thief said:
there are two types of people, in my experience: those to whom "you're bonkers!" is an insult and those to whom it's a compliment. Cheers.;)

Never was a truer word spoken


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I'm not one for conforming to the norm (whatever that is) but even I prefer my windscreen in place.

Reminds me of someone I know who used to have a Toyota LiteAce van and the runners for the sliding side door broke and the door dropped of so he set it to one side and drove about for about six months with it missing.
Over The Hill said:
I was going to suggest you get a tax disc holder from a motorbike and fix that in the corner of the windscreen hole but I dont think you have any metal there to fix it to.

:smile: No, not yet. In a few weeks I'm getting a MIG welder from a friend. Then I'll be able to buy a new windscreen panel and weld it in. Then I'll be putting a new screen in and the tax disc can go back to its rightful place and I can throw away my goggles.
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