jigsaw puzzles.


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Is that the one with only 20 pieces?

No just 1 big piece and he is stuck :giggle:


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Getting back on topic - yes I do enjoy jigsaws. I have about twenty, including some Mystery ones where you do not get the picture, but find it difficult to do in artificial light. I also need the dining room table for my sewing and/or knitting.

That is why I like the jigsaws on line. In the website I use, you can enlarge the puzzle to full screen, and then (using "Menu" in the top left corner) change the background. I can manage the 200 piece mosaic ones and even the 100 "square" piece ones.

I think the cats like watching me do these puzzles, as they sit on the sofa with me. ^_^


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When I was growing up I was obsessed with jigsaws. One year when my dad replaced the lounge door he cut the old one to a perfect size so I could rest it on the arms of the sofa chair to do the really big ones. I had to put a chair at the other end and climb over onto the chair. I have always liked to challenge my brain and these were perfect especially the one that was completely different from the picture on the box :wacko:

Most people I know start from the edges and work their way up, I put the edge pieces to one side and do chunks of colour, I can do them upside down, the jigsaw not me, more interesting :okay:
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