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I had the odd desire today to buy a jigsaw puzzle at the local Air Ambulance charity shop. Don't know what came over me but it was only a pound and I have wonderful memories of doing jigsaw puzzles when I was a small boy and one I remeber in particular was doing a wooden one of the old county map of the uk and another was a wild west picture with the rocky mountains and stage coaches etc. Does anyone else here enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles. Could be a good way of passing the time when the weather is too bad to get out on the bike.

Mr Phoebus

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They have a big jigsaw in reception where I go to.
I usually have a dabble while I'm waiting for my appointment.


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I used to spend hours doing jigsaws when I lived at home, though I had to be quick to stop Mother Dearest hoarding the easy bits and leaving me with the sky :scratch:

I'm always tempted to get back into doing them but I have a low coffee table and a Labrador. I can see it going horribly wrong.


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I never have time - Books are my relaxing time !

Mrs G-Zero has a few of those Harvey 'Mazzle' jigsaws, that cover O/S type maps of the Lake District and the Scottish Mountains etc., they grab my attention, but probably only because of the subject matter.

sdr gb

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I have a glow-in-the-dark jigsaw of the night sky that was given to me as a Christmas present. Looks pretty good when it's all together.


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Not me but MiL who lives with us, is almost 90; trundles through a few each winter. The downside is you get called in to see the finished JS and you have to sound .... well, suitably impressed. Yawn.
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