Just got in to Biking, trying to identify my bike!

Jon Cousins

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Good evening, Just started to get more in to Mountain Bikes, only really had Raleigh, Apollo etc in the past! I picked up a bike today off a social network site and am trying to identify it so i can get parts etc as it needs a new pedal amongst a few other bits and bobs. I have stretched google about as far as i can and am coming up with nothing! I am wondering if i have got a custom built thing? The Frame is black and has Vipper 26 TSX written on it, as well as Iron Track? It has dual suspension and the suspension under the frame says Smartech on it. The forks say Airtrack ProTech 760 and the outer cog has a torn sticker which i think says Sovereign Dual Index. The gears (looks like there are 24 of them) just says Shimano equipped.
So have i got some custom built thing or a Tesco Value jobbie? Would be grateful if anyone can tell me anything as it looks like a really nice bike! Excuse my lack of knowledge on this, my previous transportation generally has 4 wheels!
All the best, Jon


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A lot of bike parts are a standard fit for a given range/type of bike (not all, so some care is needed). So if you want new pedals just look at the pedals that are available from say Halfords, Chainreactioncycles.com or your local bike shop, they are all mostly a standard fit/thread. If you have a pedal already you can just remove it and check with your LBS before buying if you are concerned. Alternatively you could look for secondhand ones.
If you want to start changing chainsets, cassettes and bearing parts then you need to buy a bit more selectively, but its not necessary to know the exact make/model of bike (it doesn't much help if its an older bike anyway), you just need to find out if the intended new parts are compatible with what you have already.


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Pedals will probably be easy to find with a standard 9/16 thread [I believe]. Don't forget one has a LEFT handed thread. Many bits are standard and can be swapped BUT it might be best to pop it into the LBS and get their opinion on types and fittings.
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