Longer folding bicycle seat stem ????

Hello All,

My misses brought herself a folding bike which we all use ( normally on the canal tow path with me and my son swoping from kayak to bike every couple of miles!) The bike has proven great but for myself the seat stem is too short, I wondered if longer ones could be brought and where from?

Many thanks All.


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What sort of folding bike? If it is based on a Dahon design then I think there is a telescopic seatpost available for at least some Dahons (I don't know too much about them unfortunately, the only folder I'm sure has such an option is a Brompton and those designs wouldn't fit other folders)
Its a Raleigh 20 sort of thing (Modern version) cannot remember the name of the thing, if all else fails I used to drive for a tubing company and if it's still owned by the same lady then I should be able to get them to knock one up for me. Many thanks.
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