Missing man joins search party looking for ...him


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Ha ha - I spotted that earlier.

Mind you, it's easy to judge... I was so drunk at a party in my 20s that I forgot my own name. A rather attractive young woman had just asked me what it was and she walked off in a sulk when I told her that I didn't know! :wacko::laugh:

I don't like using my real name and occasionally use movie names like Clint (Eastwood), Matt (Dillon), Tom (Cruise) or whatever... a number of times I've been to the coffee shop and while preparing my coffee, they asked for my name and I told them which they wrote on the cup. After 5 mins or so my name was called out. The only thing is I had forgotten what name I told them.

Then they look directly at me, like they KNOW it's my drink and say my name again. And I stare back in wonderment (like, are you stupid, that's not my name). And then they call out my name and shout out which specific type of coffee I ordered. Only thing is I usually forget what coffee I ordered too (really, no kidding) and when I get the feeling they know it's me, I just accept it and thank them.

When I get out of the coffee shop and sip my beverage, since I've forgotten what I ordered, I always get surprised. Sometimes I think that's why I'm so happy. Actually, just one more tidbit: when I have an argument with my SO and the following morning I wake up like nothing happened the previous day and I see she is really annoyed, I ask "what's up, you seem annoyed?" and she either doesn't say anything or tells me "dont worry about it you wont understand". A little while later it dawns on me that "yes, we did have an argument.... but what was it about..."
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