Mnemonic.. (sp?)


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A colleague of mine needed a Mnemonic today, for the letters a k s t n h m y r w.

After we'd all pondered a bit, and come up with some less good ones, another colleague suddenly said,

All King's Soldiers, Take Note. His Majesty's Yacht Returns Wednesday.

Brillant, but what would you have come up with?

Extra points to anyone who can say what the significance of the letters is.
A Killer Stands There, Not Here, Must You Run Wild

No idea of the significance though
I take it order was important?

If not, I tend to do things like

Ask Hymn 2 RTW [rule the world]

(maybe I'm overcomplicating). Also you need to remember the mis-spellings... and the '2' is clearly not part of your original...


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A Knight Stands Tall: Now Help Me You Righteous Warrior.

Architects Know Something: The Narrow Home May Yet Reach Wales.
A killer stalked Tony near his mother's yacht running west
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