My seat collar won't stay put


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I've been struggling with my seat swiveling for a long time, and now I have suspicions that the seat might be sinking.

The problem appears to be the collar that sits between the seatpost and the frame. I'm reluctant to crank to QR really really tight as I don't want to damage anything.

The bike is old, so is this a corrosion thing?

We have some 'shim in a can' at work, would that help?



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I would take the seat post out first of all and have a good look at both the seatpost and lug/seat tube. Has it been deformed by over-tightening in the past?

If not, you could go a bit tighter. I would actually replace the quick release with a proper seat post bolt. Grease everything when you put it back together.


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Is this a split collar ? ie can it tighten, if so check that the split in the collar lines up with the gap in the seat tube [it's not vital but it often works] and check that nothing is wedging the split open [grit, metal shards, could be anything on an old bike].Removal and a good clean would help, tyred olso has a good point about fitting a normal seat post bolt.


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I've taken the lot apart and given it a spray of GT85 and a clean. There was a bit of rust and crud but that's all gone now. I don't have any grease so I gave the uptube a quick blast of GT85 then made the QR a lot tighter than it has ever been. Thinking back I seem to remember I bought the QR after a long ride with no tools and a sinking seat :smile:







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