Narrowed down to three bikes


I’ve been looking for a bike for a while. Looking for a hybrid that will get me the couple of miles to work and also club runs of up to 40 miles or so that could include towpaths etc.
I’m thinking Carerra crossfire
Pinnacle lithium 1
Raleigh Strada 2
At the moment it’s difficult to get bikes for love nor money so who knows when I will actually get it.
budget can go up to £400 and a slight problem I’m having is getting a small as I am about 5ft 0.
Any help appreciated.


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Don’t get a bike with suspension, not needed, will be heavy on a £400 bike and just slow you down on quicker runs and add little on shared paths where you won’t be zooming over rough ground anyhow 👍

given your height have you looked at ladies bikes, even youth sizes (eg the Isla bikes, Wiggins or Frog ranges)?
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