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Hi, I'm Gordon and I'm a cycloholic..........
Been riding since knee high to very small thing - now aged 57, much to my surprise - but until recently the bikes have been gathering more dust than they should. Health issues now mean that getiing back on the bike is essential and it's helped me lose about 3 stone in weight in the last 8 months, now down to a fighting 13 stone and a variable small number of pounds. My stalwart bike has always been the Holdsworth Mistral I built 31 years ago (when Shimano 600 arabesque was the new stuff!) using a frame I bought from Chas Roberts, as I lived just round the corner from his shop in South Norwood.

Feeling the urge for a new steed and wanting to find out if I could still build a bike from scratch, I bought an unusual frame from fleaBay and lots of bits from the same source and cycling forums. To see how unusual it is take a look below. Further details will be added to the Photo Gallery.

I'm based just north of Ipswich so if you see a lycra clad oldish bloke belting round the lanes near Gosbeck on a bright yellow and chrome wierd looking machine, give me a wave.



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Hi & :biggrin:


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Hello Gordon welcome to the forum, Im a Colchester boy but I spend a lot of time driving around your neck of the woods for work so if you see a 30 something bloke in a big white van waving at you it's me.
Your bike looks awesome by the way, hard to miss.


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Hello and welcome to the forum Im from the next county a long good old Norfolk, l hope you have fun here and you bike looks smashing


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Rezillo said:
If you see two lycra-clad oldish blokes, one of whom is on this bike, the other may well be me and I am saving up for this:

I'm sure the catcalls we got this evening from a group of ladies cycling past us the other way were because of his bike ;)

It's a cracking bike in the flesh, I must say.

The shirt is useless John, I always ride on the right! As you well know, those ladies were very clearly attracted by my rippling muscles - so slack they were rippling in the breeze..........

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