New Pedals now need new feet!!!!


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Bought a set of Shimano 105's when picking up my Boardman CX, done my first 22 mile commute on the new bike today and I felt like someone was stabbing my feet. I use Keo Look pedals on my Roadie and have never had any issues(except a couple of clipless moments). Has anyone ever had this issue and what did you do to resolve this. I notice that the pedals have the float settings on them would this help.


It's probably just a matter of the cleats not being positioned on the bottom of your shoes in the right place, it can take a bit of trial and error.

Where abouts on your foot is it hurting? can you try to replicate where the Shimano cleats are on your CX shoes so they're roughtly equivalent to the Look cleats on your road bike shoes?

I'm not familiar with Shimano pedals but certainly on the Look, the float is on the cleat not the pedal. You can only adjust the stiffness of the release mechanism on the pedal itself. Again, float tends to affect knees more than feet. I'd definitely try to adjust the cleat position as first point of call. If the pain is central in your foot your cleat may be too far forward of too far back. If the pain is on the edge of your foot then it may be too far left or right.


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Thanks the pain was unbearable on the edge of my foot I actually had to go in a bath and the Misses gave me a foot rub. I moved them in a bit and it helped I guess I will just need to keep adjusting them until it stops hurting. Thanks for the tips.
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