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Hi Guys and Girls

I have just started using this website (along with Bike Radar :becool:) and have been struck by how friendly and helpful you lot are so I thought I would take the plunge with this forum.

I have a query but firstly a little about me. I am 35 male living in Guiseley, just north of Leeds. I have been mainly using a front suspension Claud Butler mountain bike for all my leisure/trying to get fit riding for the past 5 years or so. I have asthma so have found cycling and swimming far more preferential than that running malarkey. I became a new dad 5 months ago and so my exercise regime (if you could call it that) had fallen by the wayside.

Whilst walking past some bike shops I started to go in and see what was being produced in 2010. In doing so I have deemed that I need a new bike to begin a new regime. Now I am pretty lucky where I live, being near Dales/Pennines, that there are numerous good IBS. After visiting all of them I decided to plump for Woodrup Cycles on Kirkstall Rd because they were very friendly, spared a lot of time and knowledgeable. I had a look around and fell for a Specialised Tricross (£700).

Whilst at work I discovered my employer ran the C2W voucher scheme (always a bonus to get one over the tax man!) thus ordered my £700 voucher.

In the meantime I was despatched to London for 6 weeks by work. This gave me plenty of thinking time plus the chance to try my mates Specialised Sirrus around Richmond Park. I realised I would rather have a road bike to enjoy the stunning scenery around me and utilise my old MTB for towpaths etc.

Upon return to Leeds I went back to Woodrup and tried the Specialised Allez and Sectuer. I really liked the Sectuer so ordered the Sport version plus clipless pedals (the type that look like normal pedals with the clipping mechanism in the middle) and shoes with recessed cleats.

Sorry about the long-windedness but my query is this; the bike shop have called today informing me my bike is ready for collect (very excited!!) what things/questions do I need to check/ask prior to me cycling off into the sunset?

Thank you in advance. Hopefully there are some local people I can meet up with for a cycle and a cheeky pint.



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Ah the agony of choice!

Apart from the basic set up, saddle height etc which any half decent LBS will do as a matter of course make sure you have a puncture repair kit, spare tube and a small pump though you probably got these already. I got a Lezyne pump t'other day, expensive but well worth it.

Finally and more importantly....Sunshine and the wherabouts of the best cafes. Enjoy


Funky - good choice bike and good choice shop.

The bike shop will get you a general fit before you leave, but expect to spend some time to fine adjust your saddle during the first dozen rides. Once you perfect your saddle position, don't let anybody else have a go on your bike and alter the position.

Also, after a few rides you will need to adjust things like gears & brakes. If you're unfamiliar with these vs your MTB, then get the shop to show you how to do it.

Otherwise, enjoy.


Rule number 1 - take the tyres off and put them back on.

Road tyres can be a pain in this respect so it's better to find out at home rather than on the road.
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