Norwich AlleyCat in Aid of the Red Balloon Learning Support Charity

Event title: Norwich AlleyCat
Event date/s: Sunday the 8th of May 2022
Event location: * Norwich
Event organiser: Gareth Lewis
Your relationship: Sole Organiser of Norwich AlleyCat
Cost of entry: Voluntary Donation
Minimum sponsorship: Not Applicable
Beneficiary: Red Balloon Learning Support Registered Charity No. 1109606
Event link: Norwich AlleyCat

On Sunday the 8th of May it will be my 60th birthday and to celebrate it I have organised a Norwich AlleyCat; a walking and cycling treasure hunt in the beautiful and historic city of Norwich.
For this AlleyCat I have decided that rather than have an entry fee participants may make a voluntary donation to the Red Balloon learning support charity via the QR code below or via this direct link; Red Balloon Donations Page
This particular AlleyCat treasure hunt only requires six photos to be taken at the given locations and one linked question to answer, another four photos taken at other given locations and four more general observation photos to be taken when seen ...... all within the city walls.

The details are as follows;
No need to book; just turn up.
Sunday 8th of May 2022,
Start at 2pm outside the Norwich Playhouse (NR3 1AB)
Finish on the Playhouse patio for a social drink.
Don't forget your bike locks!


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Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next
Best wishes for that. I can't be there because I'm already doing the Snettisham Samaritans Ride, but you might like to give the link as well as the QR code, for the benefit of all the people reading on devices who can't scan their own screen.
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