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Hi all, found this forum a couple of weeks ago and it's been great lurking around it since then. Decided I'd register since I have a Q (see tech section) and someone on here will definetly know the answer.

About me, well I'm 42, wife, 3 kids and live in Aberdeenshire. Always had a bike of some sort and enjoyed them but never been a really "mad keen" cyclist. On turning 40 though I entered "denial mode" so started to up my exercise level, including getting out cycling more. Last year wasn't good because of an enforced change of job, and hence location, but I'm back on track now that the snow has gone and it's warmed up (slightly).

About my bikes. Well I have 2.

The first is a Claud Butler Stoneriver(?) mountain bike which is mayke 6-7 years old now. Been used on and off since I got it, including commuting to work in my old job on the odd nice day , but mainly for enjoyment on forest tracks etc. I'm pretty confident on it but you won't be seeing me doing the world cup downhill course anytime soon. I do also have a tendency to perform a slow-motion over the handlebars fall every so often, as can be proven by a hand sized bruise on my left thigh right now.

My second bike is another Claud Butler, a road bike this time. Don't ask me the model, it's a drop-handlebar tourer of some sort which I bought new around 15yrs ago (shifters on the downtube, it's that old) when my car at the time was being rather unreliable. It was hardly used and lay in the shed/garage for years, but I never wanted to get rid of it. With my 40th birthday looming I dug it out again, cleaned it up, stuck some new tyres, tubes and a new saddle on and took it out. Been using it occasionally ever since, and managed my first ever 20mile run last Saturday on it. Could have kept going too but I had to get back due to family commitments.

I enjoy both bikes, it's nice to have the choice of a blast around the woods and hills, or a longer run on the miles of quiet rural roads where I now live.

Oh, and there's also the inkling of a mad plan of doing the Tour De Ben Nevis ( with my brother and a friend of his later this year. We're working on the fitness before we commit though.

There you go, far too much info no doubt.



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Hallo and welcome :laugh:
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