Organised recreational rides planning to ride through cemetery

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On the contrary, I think if respectfully done then passing through a cemetery is perfectly acceptable. Many cemeteries have paths through that are routinely used as thoroughfares by people going about their daily business, either on foot or bicycle. These places are not intended as places of unhappiness and desolation, to be avoided and neglected. While they are not parks, they are places of quiet and often beauty when well tended with some incredible architecture that is obviously intended to be viewed and admired. The words on headstones are often there for all to see and not just as comfort to the family involved. Cemeteries are also often a haven for nature due to the quiet and can be a great place to spend some time getting closer to the local wildlife.

In fact, I'm sure a recent CC informal ride made a thing of visiting graveyards of London? I and my family will often visit the grounds of a village church and spend some time looking at the old graves and reading the dates and inscriptions. It is a poignant reminder of how tragically short human life can be and the mortality of us all. Our time on this earth is limited, that is a simple fact, so make the most of your time here. Cemeteries are a fact of life and also a public resource/space, not just a dumping ground for the bodies at the end!

Very much in agreement with this post. Myself and a couple of buddies ride through two different cemeteries. It has never occurred to us that we shouldn't.

I feel 2-4 riders is acceptable. I wouldn't lead a club ride of 8+ riders through a cemetery. I feel that would be disrespectful.
If your route is a designated RoW then no problem, just be respectful.

If a private property which has roads for access to visit graves and entrances at other ends making a cut through then no, not ever unless visiting.

Cemeteries are owned land and like any land you need permission to use it unless there is a RoW you have legal access to. Even council owned land doesn't mean you have a right of access for leisure.

This is actually down to individual opinions. We are all pretty much right as long as it's respectful. I just think opinion is more right for me and respect for private land and the purpose of Cemeteries.
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