Must be left overs from the last administration.


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Terriermen couldnt come this weekend, which turned out pretty well actually. It turns out that the poison did indeed work, it just took longer than the shop told me it would.

I had a couple of guys staying overnight in the yard on Friday, and they saw no rats at all, but did find two corpses. Bearing in mind that these rats used to march right past in single file in broad day light with one middle claw raised at me not 2 weeks ago, this was great news!

And yep, they were right. The great rat massacre of 2011 has truly taken place. I spent yesterday morning locating and burning bodies. xx( I dug 12 big well fed adults out of one straw bale alone. I know there are at least 4 other colonies, but they're all underground, so they can stay there. I wonder how many I had in total if I have physically disposed of about 25 bodies? Lots anyway..

I am now resolved that they will never get out of control like again, so I never have to use poison again.I know it had to be done, but I still hate it.

Wish me luck...

Thanks people.


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Have you got one in your kitchen yet??

Happened to my sister last week. Hopefully a combo of poison, traps, a machete and blocking up the hole they came through will shift the problem (hopefully onto the neighbour who so far hasn't had a broken drain thought to be the problem fixed, because they haven't seen any rats....).

She said they were in bed and heard something fall down inside the cavity wall, and deduced it was a dying poisoned rat. This led us to discuss the effectiveness of rat corpses as an eco cavity wall insulation. It's SO Grand Designs....


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You mention sheds and barns.

What people don't realise is that rats will happily revert to living in the beams and roof spaces when they start getting baited, trapped and shot at on the ground, in my last place of employment I used to find rats that had eaten the wafarin and then fell off the steel frame of the timber shed, 15 foot drop, you find a dead rat flat on one side with blood coming out of both ends.


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Zoiders, you paint a whimsical picture of the country idyll mate!


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Probably tastes like chicken. Most weird inedible "food" seems to be described as tasting of chicken.xx(

Think ill be sticking to chocolate tho...............
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