Roman chariot style shoes?


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I'm thinking of getting some!

No idea why but in this mornings commute of all of 2 miles at 07.30 I was close passed by five vehicles. I'm not easily phased and to me a close pass has to be "close" to even register on my radar. This morning, three of them were within 2 feet of my bars; the other two - a jag and an empty minibus displaying a schoolchildren logo - came close enough for me to touch them with my elbow. The minibus then decided to LH me but not so near I couldn't anticipate it.

I caught up with the jag at the next lights, filtered in front of him and gave him a tirade that magnatom would have been proud of! As it turned out he was the only vehicle in that lane so I stayed in front of him, stationary, giving him a piece of my mind for two changes of the lights. The lardball driver just sat there trying to ignore me. Not normally my style, I ignore most events but he pissed me off big time!

I wish I had a camera! But maybe shoes with big spikes on the outside would be useful...???
You don't need shoes you just have to get a fixie and take your feet of the Pedals ala Touche and Cleish Hill. I don't think I'd have the bottle though ;-)


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All you need is a 2m welding rod carried on your rear rack (cross ways of course). Any vehicle passing close enough to touch it will result in a spectacular shower of sparks and a very nasty scratch


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I've always fancied a pair of Rosa Klebb shoes - you know, the ones with the deadly poison spikes from the Bond film From Russia with Love. Trouble is, the moton needs to be out of the car before its "Bye Bye Komradsky".
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