Schoolboy Error

Just finished building a new set of wheels for my CAADX 105.

As I used Shimano hubs with a centrelock rotor attachment, I fitted a new pair of Shimano XT RT81 rotors, as my existing rotors where bolt-fit and I didn't want to dick about with adapters.

After fitting the wheels to the bike I noticed that the wheels wouldn't rotate due to the spokes on the rotors interfering with the calipers.

I had been aware beforehand that this could be a problem, but after careful scrutiny of a picture of the RT81s decided that they should have enough clearance. As it happens, there is probably only about 1.5 mm of interference, but any is too much.


I've now ordered adapters and will use the rotors off the old wheels for the time being.

When I was looking into this before building the wheels, there wasn't really any info on compatibility available, so the reason for this post is to highlight the problem that:

CAADX Promax Render R calipers are not compatible with Shimano XT RT81 disc rotors.

Might come up in a Google search now.

We live and learn!

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