South Sheffield/chesterfield


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
You've probably got Chesterfield Spire (, Fusion CC (, possibly Sitwell CC ( or Sheffrec CC ( / LA Squadra ( in Sheffield. It'll depend on your type of riding and bike as there's also a CTC in Sheffield and ladies cycling club.

A good chunk of my son's team are in Sheffield and from memory have come via Sheffrec CC.


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Hi @Fintious :hello:

There's a fantastic club in that area, one of the biggest - Bolsover & District Cycling Club.

Lots of members, lots of rides mid-week and weekend (when not in a pandemic...), and lots of fun. Several annual events too which you can become involved in as you wish.

I'm probably biased though being a member :okay::laugh:
Hi, Bolsover is fairly close to me - I’m not far from Eckington so will have a look👍
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