Sr'Alan interview C+ ......


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Sr'Alan interview .............

in C+ or Cycling Active.

He has 3 Pinarellos a Dogma, Prince and another. He rides 50-60 miles 3 times a week mainly around the roads of Essex where his huge country pile is located. He doesn't hang around either taking no prisoners. Neither does he take any crap from taxi drivers, "You're fired!" :boxing:.

He also says that anyone who cycles without wearing a helmet is a complete idiot.

Good article though which also mentions Andrew Bond Chief Exec of ASDA who is also a cyclist and triathlete.

Worth a read in Sainsburys or Smiths :smile:.


God Almighty
mine just arrived, what page?


rich p said:
Too true, Noodles, after all you're skint:evil:

Seriously why do people say things like 'he's a complete twat, but he's made money'...why not 'he's a complete twat. end of'?' It's as if having money excuses being a twat. :boxing:


Quite dreadful
lost somewhere

(AS that is, not the posters)


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Noodley said:
I have never got this, why do people think that cos he's made money it somehow changes things? He's a knob.
Correct - still a knob....

Wasn't going to say I'd kick his butt on my 20 year old vintage machine..... an 'almost identical bike' to the C+ review of Andy Hampsten's bike from 1988 in this month's C+ Mag.........mine was from 1991 with DA 7402 8 speed.....(as it came out...ohhhhhhhhh) :smile::boxing::biggrin:
User1314 said:
Don't tell me you also are a bankrupt pauper but living on a new build gated community in a moderate massive detached and spending six months of the year dreaming of living abroad whilst maintaining a fleet of luxury cars cats... :smile:

Closer I think.
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