Strange things you see

What is the strange things have you seen whilst out cycling ?
I will start.

As I was cycling home last night a car came toward me with something on it's roof I wasn't sure what it was it was something yellow.
It over took me about 5 minutes later and it was a illuminated telephone

Regards Iain

Eoin Rua

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Saw a Mini masquerading as a bull at Arthur's Seat (Edinburgh) one evening - could hear a mooing in the distance, couldn't figure out where it was coming from then saw this mobile bull complete with horns, clad in fur/hair, with a tail where the window wiper was! It was some company car, can't remember which one though...


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when we stopped so my mate could go for a pee behind a tree at the edge of a wood, nailed to the back of the tree (so you couldn't see them from tthe road), was a load of (unused) condoms and leaflets about avoiding STDs. We could only assume it was a dogging site!
Mad Doug Biker said:
Ah yes, the old Ballet with the wind.
You experience that with your duvet, too, MDB? :tongue:

Mad Doug Biker

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I can fart like a cow, yes, but I have the room to myself so I don't have to worry about offending anyone. Much.

About the closest I have ever come to seeing something like that in the film was one evening in Glasgow 1994 when a flock of Starlings descended near to Glasgow Central when we were there seeing a Class 50 Farewell tour, but it was nowhere near as good.

So glad you got to experience it as it is something I'd LOVE to be able to see properly!


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Three flying related sightings for me...all wierd and wonderful.

Around 15 years ago, cycling one summer late evening, i looked skyward and noticed a fast moving light, very high. No sound :wacko: Then it changed direction impossibly fast :smile::wacko:
Took my eyes off it, looked was gone, scanned the sky...there it was in a completely different position :sad::wacko::biggrin:

5 years ago, just into a sunny afternoon ride and saw something gleaming, low in the sky. It flashed as thougth it was something mirror like, this happened a few times, then i lost sight. Still cant put any logic to it...small balloon maybe ?

Most impressive was about 1 mile from home, in the dark, and a meteor flew right over me. Long long streaking tail on in, lasted for maybe 4 or 5 seconds. Thats was such a sight...much closer and lower than ive ever seen one before.


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mercurykev said:
I stumbled across this scence while out on a ride last week:

Brilliant ! You live in an area populated by interesting people for sure.

One quiet evening miles from nowhere I did once see the naked rear end of a very large woman sticking out of the back door of a car. I have a pretty good idea of what the other end of her was up to seeing as how an equally large man was sitting in the back of the car.
What made the tableau particularly unusual was the fact that the car was a taxi and the driver was sitting behind the wheel reading the paper. :wacko:

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Maz said:
Saw a bloke in a car getting a blowjob.
...So you stopped and asked if you could get one too seeing as you had a bit of a puncture.

Actually, I've always wondered how you describe the kind of job that a glass blower does. I mean, it's a job and you blow, therefore it's a ....... annyway, moving swiftly on.

I'll get me coat.
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