Thule Bike Carrier.... do they ALL fit Thule AERO bars ?

Guy in work here is selling a pair of Thule roofrack mounted bike carriers that came on a car he's bought. They sound quite old, so I imagine they might be the Thule 575. He isn't sure, but says that they have a U bolt mounting. My Thule rack is AERO bar profile, and "needs" the bike carrier to use the "special" mounting bracket that slides into the slot on the upper surface of the rack.
I am worried that the carrier mounts will be too narrow to go around the aero profile. I have to make an awkward journey into the middle of Swansea to view them, so any advice here would be grateful (I hate Swansea).....


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You can buy the T-track adaptors here - you simply take the U bolts off and fit the T-tracks instead. I do this all the time as have aerobars on one car and normal bars on the other, they swap over easily.

They will fit aero bars, but the adapters and spacers were £15 at my local Thule shop Depending on the model you may need 3 small plastic spacers also. I bought one of the older models (Thule Tour 510) off ebay with the square brackets, the plastic clamp levers were shot (loud crack when tried to lock them down), replace them with M6 nylock nuts and a large washer otherwise your bike will end up falling off the roof at 70mph. Why they couldn't use a metal QR camlock lever like all QR wheel skewers is beyond me. GB.pdf
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