Wanted 52-53cm frame


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got a very clean hardly used Saracen cestiere measure 56 f to top of seat post or 52 if measuring to half way on top tube , let me know ok to post


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Somewhere flat
I have a Ribble Winter Audax, with Deda winter forks and headset etc. It's a compact frame and if I recall the seat tube is 52 and top tube is 55. Head tube is about 150mm but I will post the dimensions on the thread this evening, if interested? Matt Black in colour and is fine but has cable rubs on the top tube etc and not 'pristine'. Very decent frame for a winter bike, with clearance for guards and takes deep drop calipers (I have a set of these too, if interested).

Let me know and I will give the exact details and post pics later on...
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