Wanted - Turbo Trainer

Peter Armstrong

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Wanted - Turbo Trainer.

God these are expensive, even the 2nd hand ones on eaby.

Anyone got a crap one they dont use and willing to sell me?


West Midlands
Yep - Where are you based though ?
I have a Minoura 500


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Rockyracoon has one for sale :thumbsup: look in the for sale section...

Elite Crono Fluid ElastoGel Trainer (incl a Continental Ultra Sport Home Trainer Folding Tyre)
Very quiet! Ideal for a flat (I found this video on youtube).
It comes with the original box (not pictured), papers and the Quick Release Skewer. (box it is in the garage. If you really want I can take a picture). Again it has had little use. I used just after I bought it from Wiggle as Xmas present. As most of my stuff it was put away and I forgot about it. Several months later a friend gave me his used Continental Ultra Sport Home Trainer Folding Tyre just to try to get me back into using the trainer again. Nah!
It is in excellent condition, as new, very little use and with just a tiny mark as it can be seen in the picture.

I'd be great If you can arrange your own corrier to collect it. Otherwise I could try to get a quote but I'll only be able to do that through this week. Or you can collect it. I am in South West.
Price £90

good Luck
Peter Armstrong

Peter Armstrong

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Im stupid, I put this on and didnt even check for a reply. Im in the Manchester area, I ended up buying one on ebay for £80, Elite Crono somthing or other, its yellow if that helps.

It kind of shudders slightly and after 30min my other half said she could smell burning, it wasnt my tires, coming from the flywheel thing I think. IS that to be expected?
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