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I enjoy rides along the canal ( little bits on road) and need good suspension to help my back. Canal paths can be bumpy. Any ideas on good quality bike but not manic prices that would suit my needs. Thank you


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What’s your price limit?
What shops do you have close by to try at
I’m thinking you are female from your username...how tall are you?
I’d look at a suspension fork hybrid, with a lockout on the fork.


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What's your budget? If you're looking sub £500 suspension forks will generally be low quality and not be too effective. Tyre pressure will have more effective in giving a softer ride. Bigger tyres will also help. You could also consider a suspension seat post and will give more comfort your back as it will cushion your spine directly.
How about this US style cruiser? Should be comfy;

Or this Raleigh with larger tyres:


Get down to a local Evans or Decathlon store and try a few


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Thank you for reply... £200-300
5 ft 2... prefer being upright not leaning onto handle bars.
You might be better to look for something used at that budget, as new it’ll have low end parts and be heavy :smile:

If you’d rather new, something like this would do the trick assuming you’re not planning on doing 100s of miles a week

Or red

The next model up is £350

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Thank you for reply... £200-300
5 ft 2... prefer being upright not leaning onto handle bars.

Ah, not that much taller than me. I'm 4ft 11 btw.

In that case, I would suggest a junior bike, the Wiggins Chartres - a 26" wheel hybrid. I have one of these, and it's a comfy bike to ride, even on the crappy, cracked, gravel-covered and pot-holed rural roads I have to put up with around here. So it should more than cope with canal tow paths.

What @Cycleops says is right - at the price point you're looking at, wider tyres run at a lower pressure will be equally if not more effective as cheap forks (and last longer). IIRC the supplied tyres are 1.5 inch Kendas, which should be more than adequate.

At the moment, the Chartres is on an offer at just a tenner over your budget.

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